CAD Drafting

CAD Drafting

Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) has brought revolutionary change to the field of engineering drawing. CADD is a convenient technology, which replaces manual drafting on paper and allows the designers to prepare drawings on a computer screen. 2D & 3D CAD drafting services has reduced the drafting efforts and increased the efficiency and quality considerably.

Geoid is a leading 2D CAD drafting & 3D CAD drafting service provider that also provides 2D & 3D CAD conversion services using AutoCAD, MicroStation, and ZWCAD software with almost 100% accuracy.

As a 2D & 3D CAD drafting and CAD Conversion Service provider, Geoid serves a wide range of customers in the field of Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering by using the best, efficient and cost-effective technology and tools. Geoid, as a leading CAD outsourcing company with vast expertise and experience in serving its clients all over the world.

Geoid uses up-to-dated license of high end software such as AutoCAD, MicroStation, and ZWCAD.

Construction Survey Drafting Services

Construction Survey Drafting service is also known by other names, such as Site Layout Survey Drafting, Construction Stakeout Survey Drafting, Building Survey Drafting or Set Out Plan Drafting. Construction Survey Drafting is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of proposed new structures such as roads or buildings. Construction staking is performed to ensure that a project is built according to engineering design plans.

Construction Survey Drafting is the fundamental part of construction process. Construction Survey Drafting is used by many contractors during the construction process. AABSyS offers the Construction Survey Drafting to building surveyors, civil surveyors, construction surveyors and providers of set-out services.

At AABSyS, we, with the assistance of experienced engineers and Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools offers accurately drafted construction stakeout survey with dimensions and features, and position of the building. AABSyS expertise and experience ensures that the most sophisticated, voluminous and complex Construction Survey Drafting services requirements are competed in a time bound with a high quality and accuracy. AABSyS uses latest licensed versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D and Carlson Survey and the final output is delivered as a DWG file, along with PDF or JPG file.

Construction Survey Drafting is performed to ensure that a project is built according to engineering design plans. As the name suggests, construction staking involves sticking stakes in the ground to map out proposed construction or improvements. The purpose of staking is to position these stakes in the ground so that they match up with project blueprints with the highest degree of accuracy possible. These surveys allow for the construction to be done within the legal boundary, which is vital to ensure that there are no boundary disputes later.

The following are included as part of our project:

  • Drafting of building lots as per input plan
  • Placement of house/building in the desired plot as per project specifications
  • Placement of dimensions from the corner of the house to the lot boundary

Isometric Drawing Services

An isometric drawing is a pictorial representation of three – dimensional object in a two – dimensional format. The isometric drawings are extremely helpful in representing piping system. Isometric piping drawings are essentially relevant for engineering, procurement, and construction in oil and gas sector.

Geoid offers the isometric drawing services to real estate developers, architects, engineers and contractors all around the world. At Geoid, we, with the assistance of experienced engineers and Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools offer isometric drawing for three dimensional objects. Geoid expertise and experience ensures that the most sophisticated, voluminous and complex isometric piping drawing services requirements are completed in a time bound with a high quality and accuracy.

Isometric drawing hold all the intricate information of the piping system. Components such as flanges, valves, elbows and other related fittings are neatly depicted in the isometric piping drawing. Fluid service, piping class and material, insulation details, operating and processing condition of the pipe are well conveyed via the isometric piping drawing. The isometric drawing proves to be significantly helpful for cross checking and validating the piping design.

The following are included as part of our project:

  • 2D representation of the asset assembly of piping system
  • Bill of material for pipe assemblies

AutoCAD Drafting

AutoCAD Drafting services assist real estate developers, architects, engineers and contractors in creating a computerised version of the blue print, design, layout etc. They are easy to store, edit and share and therefore have become popular mode of data digitisation. The services offer high accuracy with no loss of data.

AutoCAD is one of the most common choice of platform of the customers worldwide for its easy, efficient and friendly tools. AutoCAD has the import and export facility to all other advanced and high-end software in the field of CAD and GIS. AutoCAD ensures the

Geoid offers the Auto CAD drafting services to real estate developers, architects, engineers and contractors all around the world. The AutoCAD drafting services at Geoid comprise of AutoCAD rendering services, and 2D & 3D design drafting services. Geoid expertise and experience ensures that the most sophisticated, voluminous and complex AutoCAD services requirements are competed in a time bound with a high quality and accuracy. Geoid uses latest licensed versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD map, AutoCAD raster design, AutoCAD (ADT).

Geoid can convert any original AEC Drawing into a perfectly accurate multi-layer AutoCAD drawing. Geoid is always up-to-dated with AIA, DIN and other international drawing and layering standards and all our drawings are customized to the specifications and requirements of the clients(including line types, line weights and usage of blocks). The inputs of these services are hand drawn sketches, TIFF, PDF, etc.

The AutoCAD design and drafting services at Geoid include:

  • Conversions including drafting services in different engineering fields,
  • Creation of all type of as-built drawings for mechanical, electrical and plumbing sectors.
  • AutoCAD design drafting services and AutoCAD drafting services for architectural, civil, HVAC, electrical, fire protection, landscape architecture, plumbing, structural steel detailing, mechanical fabrication, 3D solid modeling, and any other AutoCAD services.
  • AutoCAD conversion services (raster to vector conversion) using AutoCAD, MicroStation, ZWCAD, etc.

Geoid will also follow the client’s procedures for proper layering, including, AIA layering standards, or any other conventional layering that you may specify in DWG, DXF or DGN formats. Geoid has successfully completed hundreds of AutoCAD drafting projects for a wide range of national and international clients.

3D Modeling

The housing and urban development industry utilise CAD and GIS services provided at Geoid to generate 3D Models that are useful in study, design and planning of constructed space. The Architectural 3D modeling services are important feature for understanding a building’s architecture. They assist in easy visualization of the exteriors of a residential house, apartment, office, restaurant, and hotel.

The Architectural 3D modeling helps Geoid’s customers to visualize the property for better decision making for selling, leasing, or renting out a house or an office. They present a powerful overview of the actual architectural structure before or after its construction.

The architectural floor plans with wall textures, colour schemes can be utilized for a better understanding of the exteriors of the building, house, office etc. They provide a 3D overview of the space in a cost effective and time bound manner.

The 3D views are taken from different angles and at different light intensities to provide a comprehensive view of the building in proper light and hue schemes. The architectural 3D modeling is prepared based on the blueprints provided by the client. Appropriate colours and textures are assigned to the objects walls to create a perfect architectural 3D modelling output.

Technology advancements have assisted in the use of 3-dimensional perspectives has increased to a great extent. Each of these industry sectors strategically creates the detailed perfect architectural 3D modelling output.

Geoid provides architectural 3D modelling services for residential houses using scans or digital floor plans, photographs, hand sketches of elevations and side views and cross-sections, etc.

3D Walkthrough Animations

Geoid creates customised 2D animations, 3D animations and 3D walkthroughs for the architecture and construction industry. A 3D walkthrough is the best solution to create a visual impact of an architectural structure. It depicts the interior and exterior landscapes of office buildings, residential complexes, and other visuals before the actual construction of the project. The 3D walkthrough animation can also be used in various forms such as presentation of client’s products and services in various media like television, websites, digital video commercials or innovative designs for print, DTP.

The 3D Walkthroughs created by Geoid maintain the following points:

  • 3D Exterior landscaping is created with proper placement of roads, vehicles, trees, fences, and other objects.
  • The layout and designs of the rooms are arranged as per the customers plans provided.
  • Texture and pattern of the external and internal structure, objects, and surroundings is created as per client’s requirements.
  • The interior objects are placed with proper colour schemes and proper light intensity, light reflection, and colour hues are maintained
  • The 3D walkthrough is then generated using high end software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and 3D Studio Max.
  • The 3D walkthroughs are delivered only after authentic quality check procedures.

3D Solid Modeling

The 3D Solid Modeling services are useful for making informed decisions about a new product or model. The services essentially utilise the software such as AutoCAD, ArcFM and other such high end software media.

Geoid offers services in 3D Solid modeling to various industries such as mechanical, electrical etc. The Geoid team of engineers, draftsmen and CAD technicians are highly competent and experienced in preparing 3D solid models for machineries.

Geoid has a vast experience and expertise in:

  • Developing 2D/3D CAD models
  • Wire frame data for design optimization
  • 3D parametric feature based modeling
  • Automated design of assemblies, which are collections of parts and/or other assemblies
  • Creation of Engineering drawings from the solid models
  • Validation/verification of designs against specifications and design rules
  • Import/Export routines to exchange data with different high-end software packages
  • Calculation of mass properties of parts and assemblies
  • 3D Visualization and Rendering

Solid Modeling is the definite representation of the solid parts of an object i.e. 3D modeling of objects suitable for computer processing. Primary uses of 3D solid modeling are in CAD, engineering analysis, computer graphics, medical testing, product visualization and scientific research. The services allow the professionals at the client end to visualise the final product in a 3D medium. This is useful the engineers to understand the product before the construction of the actual design and make informed decisions about the manufacturing of the product.

Geoid offers cost effective, time bound and error free 3D solid models of various mechanical manufacturing products to its clients all over the world.

3D CAD Modeling

The architectural team at Geoid comprise of experts architects, engineers, draftsmen etc. They have vast experience and expertise to create 3D modeling of floor plans, convert the 2D floor plans into 3D floor plans and create a 3D model of the said houses or building complexes. The 3D architectural floor plans and 3D models can be augmented with Geoid’s 3D services to provide a realistic view to the model. This model is created on any platform that is suitable to the client and is delivered after strict quality assurance procedures.

Geoid can create interior and exterior views of houses or other complexes using a customized 3D CAD modelling technique which can be used during building construction or renovation.

Architectural 3D modeling and 3D CAD modeling of floor allows a three dimensional view of houses or complete building complexes including a view of the interior such as furniture and flooring. 3D modeling is a powerful tool which allows a layman to read and understand layout plans with ease.

Architectural 3D CAD modeling is of great use for housing authorities and architects because it:

  • Visualizes the space or volume in each room
  • Illustrates the relationships between rooms
  • Shows the layout of a room with furniture
  • Clearly indicates entry and exit points
  • Clearly indicates where windows and doors are located
  • Provides a useful reference when planning renovations or decorations

Apart from the uses in architecture industry 3D CAD Modeling is also used by in civil industry. The services allow the professionals at the client end to visualise the final product such as bridges, flyovers etc. in a 3D medium. This is useful the engineers to understand the product before the construction of the actual design and make informed decisions about the construction.

Geoid renders its 3D CAD Modeling services in cost effective, time bound and error free manner. The final outputs can be provided in platforms approved by the clients.

Solar Panel Layout Designs

Solar panels with photovoltaic power systems are designed to convert sunlight directly into electricity. A detailed solar panel layout plan is required for the construction and maintenance of large solar farms. With its rich experience in engineering design drafting, layout design along with expertise in template generation and standardization, Geoid IT is well equipped to address the needs of the solar energy industry.

Geoid team studies and understands the need and scope of each individual project theoretically, and develops a solution that addresses the project requirements practically. The following services are offered for the preparation of solar panel templates:

  • Site plan with roof
  • House photo and vicinity map roof plan
  • Attachment detail drawings
  • Front and side views of mounting planes
  • Line diagram
  • Survey plan
  • 3D rendered views for rooftop panel layouts




Geoid has established partnerships with leading service providers in the industry. Industry-specific relations and technology partnerships have helped Geoid enhance and update our skill sets and enable us to custom create our offerings for specific industries.


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